About Us

At the end of the 1980’s there was something that the turkish agriculture needed desperately but wasn’t aware of: organic fertilizer.

ITM Turhol recognized this absence in Turkey and introduced the organic fertilizer to the turkish agriculture in 1989. Thus making ITM Turhol the pioneer firm in Turkey regarding organic fertilizer in general.

ORG-E-VIT, which is the very first organic fertilizer in Turkey, was at the time being imported from the Netherlands. After field trials gave good results and the turkish farmers accepted the importance of this product as an essential agricultural input, the import volume increased each year.

Mid 90’s; ITM Turhol recognized this time that investment for a production facility of organic fertilizers and derivatives was inevitable. Not only to be able to keep supply the ever growing demand but also for the utilization of the immense potential and surplus of organic materials. Hereby not only contributing to the turkish economy but also to the environment of Turkey. Together with the dutch experts and with their know-how and technology ITM Turhol build the first organic fertilizer production plant of Turkey. The plant opened its doors in Antalya in 1997. A second investment was made and by 1999 our fermentation plant began to produce fermented raw material for our end products.

More than a quarter century has passed and ORG-E-VIT is stil known as a class-A fertilizer as it got known since the first day. Adapting new technologies and methods we expanded our product range with new products for different areas of application.
Beside ORG-E-VIT we produce another liquid product, KAL, which is an all round crop feeder.

ITM Turhol keeps close relations with its advisors in the Netherlands and Turkey which are specialists in their own field.
The journey which began with the first field trials of ORG-E-VIT in 1989, has grown to two production plants with a capacity of 20 ton/day liquid crop feeding products, not only supplying the turkish end users but also end users around the world.